E2B R2 Solutions


Highlights of Sophos eSynchronize

    • BFC (Backward-Forward Compatibility) – Conversion of R2 format files into R3 format and vice versa (includes both ICSRs and ACKs)
    • Review of conversion files (E2B Viewer) – Compare and review converted files (from R2 to R3 and R3 to R2 format) through interactive screens with both coded and decoded elements
    • Integration with Argus Safety and Axway – Ability to interact with Argus Safety and Axway for ICSRs and ACKs
  • Re-transmit – Ability to re-transmit ICSRs in case of non-delivery
  • Attach the XML files to the case – Ability to attach the ICSRs and ACK files into Case data (Notes/Attachments)
  • Tracking of Acknowledgement – Tracking the inbound or outbound ACKs
  • Generation of Report – Interactive dashboard and comprehensive reports for pending, in-process and processed ICSRs and ACKs
  • Non-E2B R2 Fields needed for R3 – Interactive screens to input non-R2 fields for generation of R3 format

  • Non-R2 Fields in inbound R3 MESSAGE/ACK – Ability to transfer/save non-R2 fields in an inbound R3 file into case in Argus Safety
  • Attachments in inbound R3 MESSAGE – Ability to extract attachments from inbound R3 ICSRs and attach them to case in Argus
  • Audit log – Robust Audit log and Error log in built functionality
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant  
  • Status tracking – Configurable alerts for success and failure at any stage